Navigating The Seas To Deliver Your Goods On Time.

With partners around the world, our global relationships help to move your goods safely and efficiently from port-to-port.

Put your mind at ease with real-time tracking of your shipments, so you are updated every step of the way.

Hanniel International Pte Ltd

Our Sea Freight Capabilities

Hanniel International Pte Ltd

Cross-Trade And Triangular Movements

We handle complex shipping arrangements, including the movement of cargo through different countries.

Hanniel International Pte Ltd

Full Container Load (FCL)

Ideal for larger shipments that require a full container load. Get exclusive use of a container and fill it with as much cargo as you need.

Hanniel International Pte Ltd

Less Than Container Load (LCL)

Suitable for smaller shipments that do not require a full container load. With LCL, you only pay for the space you need.

Hanniel International Pte Ltd

Tug & Barge

An affordable and efficient way to transport large quantities of cargo like sand, coal and machinery.

Hanniel International Pte Ltd

RO/RO Shipping

Suitable for the seamless shipment of cars, trucks, buses, bulldozers, tractors, machinery, and other cargo.

Hanniel International Pte Ltd

Dangerous Goods Handling

Equipped to handle dangerous goods consignments for both FCL and LCL movements in compliance with international regulations.

Hanniel International Pte Ltd

Multi-Purpose Vessels (MPV)

Transport a variety of goods at once with our Multi-Purpose Vessels that can carry different types of cargo in a single voyage. With various storage areas that can accommodate bulk, breakbulk, or containerised cargo, enjoy flexibility in your shipping arrangements.


Estimated Delivery Time

  • Europe : 30 Days
  • North America : 30 Days
  • South America : 45 Days
  • APAC : 2-10 Days
  • Middle East : 15 Days

May Vary Due To Weather Conditions Customs Clearance And Other Unforeseen Circumstances

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